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Gerlach , 3 Centuries of excellence

Cutlery production process

All Gerlach products are made of the highest quality stainless steel 18/10. Spoons (dinner, tea, coffee, etc.) and forks are produced from acid-resistant steel. 18/10 means the percentage of chromium and nickel included in the steel. Thanks to them, steel has its stainless features.
Chromium (18) gives the shine to the steel (polish) and makes it corrosion-proof.
Nickel (10) makes the steel resistant to even high concentrated acids.
Due to those features, chromium-nickel steel is properly protected, so it can be used in dishwashers and is suitable for the Horeca sector.

Gerlach's hand processing techniques lend themselves to the creation of cutlery of exceptional quality and unique patterns.

The monoblock knives are forged out of MoV (molybdenum-vanadium) steel, providing very high resistance to corrosion. They are tested according to PN-EN-ISO 8442-2 standards. Thanks to the hot-forging process, their blades are durable and remain sharp for a long time. The satin finish of Gerlach cutlery is made according to the glass-ball blasting process, which unlike sand-blasting, additionally makes them more corrosion-proof.

Quality Control

• Gerlach products conform to the Quality Assurance system based on PN-EN-ISO 9001:2001 norms, which means that all Gerlach products are subject to strict quality control.

• All Gerlach products are tested before they leave the factory and after receiving the Polish certificate of health quality from the National Institute of Hygiene.

• Gerlach tests include the analysis of materials used in the products. The testing process is to ensure the strength and durability of the blades and their resistance to corrosion.


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