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Les Griffes, Limoges de France.

Step into the new era of Porcelaine de Limoges and enjoy the opulence of stunning traditional and modern Limoges shapes with inspiring handcrafted and highly skilled artistry and craftsmanship. Les Griffes porcelain is of the best quality in the world. Les Griffes products combine a rich range of colors, hand decorating, and ancient crafting techniques. For items decorated with Gold, the gold used is 24 carats.

The working cycle starts with exclusive sketches that are then made into drafts. The design is then transferred and applied onto the porcelain piece. The porcelain is then embellished using a variety of elements, and even pure gold which is in a resin form made up of a mix of balsam, sulphur and essential oils. The resins and other organic compounds burn off during firing, leaving a thin layer of precious metal that is resistant and long-lasting. Once it is fired the balsam burns and deposits a thin layer of sparkling metal on the porcelain. The work cycle ends with the firing of the porcelain in a kiln at a temperature higher than 800 degrees.

Les Griffes unique designs are sought by the best interior decorators and home shops in the world. Wedding favors have the option adding the names of the bride and groom in 24 carat gold, as well as the wedding date. For Christening, First Communion and Newborns we also offer the service of adding the child's name and event date in 24 carat gold.

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