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Savoir Faire

Care instructions for Gerlach Cutlery Products

  • If using dishwasher, follow recommendations of the dishwasher's and detergent's manufacturers.
  • If using dishwasher, do not place stainless steel cutlery in the same basket with silver or silver-plated cutlery.
  • Do not let the cutlery dry in the dishwasher. Preferably, take out cutlery from dishwasher immediately after end of washing cycle and wipe it dry with a soft, dry cloth.
  • If hand washing with detergents, rinse and hand dry using soft cloth.
  • Do not use rough sponges or abrasive chemicals as they might damage the polished surface of the cutlery.
  • Do not let salt or leftovers dry on the cutlery. It is recommended to wash cutlery immediately after use.

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